Foxhound which died after falling from steep crag – hidden under stones by hunt

From Cumbria Hunt Watch

Press release 22/12/16

Foxhound which died after falling from steep crag – hidden under stones by hunt.

Cumbria Hunt Watch monitors were saddened today to witness a foxhound from the Melbreak Foxhounds die after falling from a steep sided crag at Honister in Cumbria. (Photo attached)

A group of eight hounds were running towards Honister Quarry when they suddenly turned and attempted to work their way up the very steep sloping scree and craggs around Honister; a route which could clearly not have been part of any trail. There is no doubt in the monitors minds that the hounds were chasing a fox.

The hounds struggled for some time while hunt officials made no attempt to call the hounds down. One hounds was then seen to fall around forty feet before bouncing and then coming to a stop. It remained on the ground not moving

A monitor from Cumbria Hunt Watch advised the hunt what had happened but received a casual response. The master of the hunt started to call the hounds down but the hounds but appeared to have no control. The huntsman then tried to call the hounds up – a dangerous and irresponsible act given that one had already fallen to its death.

So unconcerned are these people by the life of an animal they didn’t even notice until told by a hunt monitor. When monitors went to investigate they discovered a hunt official had attempted to conceal the dog; he had left it there and covered it in rocks, leaving it to decompose on the side of the fell in a water course. (See attached photo)

Cumbria Hunt Watch have made a formal complaint to Trading Standards (who deal with carcasses left in the open).

Although this did not happen on National Trust land, please contact the National Trust who still facilitate the Melbreak Foxhounds maintenance of a hunting pack by granting them a licence allowing them unhindered access to vast tracks of National Trust land. The National Trust in Cumbria have been advised for years about the suspicious behaviour of the Melbreak Foxhounds but still refuse to ban them from National Trust land. Cumbria Hunt Watch believes this is an deceitful insult to the millions of National Trust members opposed to hunting. Without the disgraceful support of the National Trust and other large landowners, hunting packs such as the Melbreak Foxhounds would no longer be able to continue.

Cumbria Hunt Watch would now like to know exactly how the Melbreak hunt ‘dispose’ of the retired dogs which they claim are no longer of any use.

Perhaps Tim Bonner could tell us – he’s a great supporter of the Melbreak

Email National Trust: borrowdale

Telephone National Trust: 017687 74649


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