BEWARE HORRIBLE IMAGES ATTACHED – This is the reality of hunting

Message from Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs

We can now sadly reveal images of the fox who was killed by the Essex & Suffolk Hunt on 22nd October 2016.

This young vixen was hunted to her death by huntsman Joe Tesseyman. The Master is James Buckle. Hunt saboteurs were only able to recover her disemboweled, shredded body from the jaws of the hounds. A police report has been made with Suffolk Constabulary. Further images and footage may be revealed in due course pending investigation results.

Sabs from Cambridge Hunt Saboteurs and SES – Suffolk And Essex Hunt Sabs attended the hunt’s meet near the village of Lindsey. The Essex & Suffolk have a long history of flouting the Hunting Act and we regularly manage to prevent them from making a final kill, but this time were not able to intervene. From Lindsey they hunted West and made the kill on land belonging to an environmentally friendly conservation farm that is a popular school-age attraction and wedding/events venue The Tudor Barn, Milden, at Milden Hall. We have spoken to the landowners at Milden Hall, who say they are keen conservationists who promote wildlife in Suffolk and they assure us that none of their family hunt (or even ride), nor go out when the hunt are there, however they do occasionally allow the hunt to come over their land within the law but do not condone illegal hunting. We have made them aware that the Essex & Suffolk is an illegal hunt and that they are out there, at least twice a week, chasing, digging and tearing apart foxes regardless of the ban. We hope that this gives them the wake-up call needed to withdraw permission for the hunt to access their land.

We cannot imagine the terror and pain at being chased across country by a pack of hounds and humans on horseback, to be ripped to shreds only once you’re exhausted and cannot run, or dug out by men with spades if you’ve sought refuge underground. Such a terrible and barbaric smear on our countryside and we’d hope more businesses and landowners steer well clear of being involved and give hunters the message that it is not acceptable.

The hunt showed no remorse for the kill, and did not attempt to recover the fox from the hounds once she’d been caught. It was only the attending hunt saboteurs who attempted to save her life. Once she was pulled from the jaws of the 30 or so hounds, it was clear she had been ripped to pieces. Her body was brought to a local wildlife rescue for analysis.

To us, this is tragic. To the Essex & Suffolk Hunt, and the 180 or so active fox hunting packs throughout the country however, it’s just the result of a day’s ‘sport’.

We will continue to work to protect wildlife from this atrocity in the Eastern Counties, and urge you to support your local Hunt Saboteurs group in doing so where you live too.

To this little vixen who ran for her life, and the thousands of others who suffer the same fate each year: we will use their deaths to strengthen our resolve and raise awareness of the horrific reality of fox hunting today.

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

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Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


2 Replies to “BEWARE HORRIBLE IMAGES ATTACHED – This is the reality of hunting”

  1. Sorry guys but the Hunting Act seems pretty useless.If it is not strengthened remorselessly you will he chasing hunts over muddy fields into your dotage.The police seem not remotely interested in bringing these criminals to heel.So much enthusiasm for justice.So sad.

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