Two members of Fitzwilliam Hunt in court charged with hunting offences

31 August 2016

Two men have appeared in court charged with hunting offences after foxes were killed during the Fitzwilliam Hunt.

George Adams (65) and John Mease (44) appeared at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court this morning (Wednesday).

Both men are charged with hunting a fox with dogs on New Years’ Day this year, while Mease also faces a count of causing unnecessary suffering to a fox, when a golden eagle killed the animal in November 2013.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges, and will stand trial later this year.

Sam Wooley, prosecuting, told the court: “These are two separate offence.
“The first offence took place on January 1 2016, when the defendants were with the Fitzwilliam Hunt.

“It is said that the hunt used hounds to kill a fox. It is said the hounds were not called off quickly enough, and they killed the fox.

“We say Mr Adams’ role was he was leading the hunt. He was the person who gives commands to the hounds.”

“The second offence relates to the use of a golden eagle by Mease. It is said the eagle killed the fox in an inhumane way.”

The court was told there would be two trials covering the matter – one for each offence.

The trial involving both men will take place at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Monday, December 5.

The trial only involving Mease will take place at the same court on Thursday, December 8.

Both men were granted bail by District Judge Miller until the trial date.

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