Dog fight gang in court charged with killing deer and badgers in rural south Devon


SEVEN men have appeared in court charged with killing deer, animal fights with dogs and other animal welfare offences.

The RSPCA alleges defendants from Bovey Tracey, Buckfastleigh, Chudleigh and Wales were part of a group who targeted deer and badgers in the wild in rural Devon.

A total of eleven men face allegations of killing a deer at night; willfully killing a badger; and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The alleged offences took place in 2014 and are believed to have happened in rural Devon.

Three of the defendants are from South Devon and the remainder from South Wales.

Graham Coombes, 40, of Abbey Road, Bovey Tracey faces 21 charges including keeping or training dogs in connection with an animal fight, known as Sasha, Storm, Tyson, Maisie and Stitch at Bovey Tracey. He’s also charged with causing animal fights, killing deer at night, killing badgers and causing unneccesary animal suffering.

Daniel Ravenscroft, 36, of Grange Road, Buckfastleigh faces four charges including keeping a lurched known as Fly trained for dog fighting at Buckfastleigh, causing animal fights and killing a deer at night.

Ryan Robinson, 19, of Foundry Court, Chudleigh faces six charges including keeping dogs Zara and Duke for animal fighting, being present at an animal fight and killing a deer at night.

The eleven defendants face a range of charges under the Deer Act 1991 and the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

District Judge Diana Baker, sitting at Torquay Magistrates’ Court, adjourned the case to the next hearing at Plymouth Magistrates Court on August 4.

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