After using a pack of dogs to flush the animals out from their sett, Tristan Asbury, 18, and Luke Lowther, 26, Kaider Tariq, 22 and Nathan Niland, 26, kicked the protected creatures “like footballs”, struck them with spades, stamped on them and held them down while they were being mauled at a woodland in North Yorkshire.

Niland, of Idle Road, Idle, Asbury, of Lymington Drive, Holme Wood, and Lowther, of Farway, Holme Wood.

Asbury was jailed for 18 weeks, Niland and Tariq for 24 weeks and Lowther for 12 weeks. They were all disqualified from keeping dogs for life.


2 Replies to “SCUM – END OF”

  1. its so worrying that anyone could want to do such terrible things purely because they enjoy it.beware anyone who crosses the paths of these barbarians any time in the future – they will one day do the same to a vulnerable child or adult. the sentences are so trivial but at least they were sentenced and now have criminal record

  2. I AGREE they are scum of the earth that needed longer but true they will always be looking over there shoulders and one day some will will terrify them bastards

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