The bastards

Hit report – 13th February 2016
Easton Harriers – Sutton, Suffolk


Last Saturday Norfolk & Suffolk Hunt Sabs witnessed the Easton Harriers chasing a hare but the hare got away, so there was a happy ending. However, unfortunately today the story did not have a happy ending because despite the hare being rescued by a sab from the jaws of the hounds, the hare subsequently died in the sab’s arms. There are no words to accurately describe how horrific an event this was for all of us sabs present. The killing of this beautiful, sentient animal was described as an accident. How many more “accidents” is this hunt going to be allowed to have? The Police were in attendance and action was taken against sabs and dispersal orders were issued for sabs to leave the area. It was a very sad day indeed, in more ways than one.

Full report will follow shortly.

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One Reply to “The bastards”

  1. The hunting and shooting brigade are some of the most evil bastards on this planet, I would like to this vile SCUM left on safari (NO GUNS) and chased to their death by lions etc. I would stand and laugh while they screamed for help and applaud when the lion got them.

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