Gamekeeper fined after badger electrocuted in snare

Wednesday 4 November 2015

A MAN has been fined £600 after a badger was caught up in a snare and electrocuted for more than 24 hours.

The animal’s head was left partially suspended from a live electric fence in Aberdeenshire after the snare was set by George Allan.

He was caught after an investigation by the Scottish SPCA which included inspectors working with scientists from the Natural History Museum in London to determine when the badger had become trapped.

Mr Allan, 61, of Kene, earlier pleaded guilty to setting a snare and failing to inspect it within 24 hours and failing to fit the necessary identity tags, contrary to the Wildlife and Countryside Act as amended by the Wildlife and Natural Environment Act 2011.

He was fined when he appeared for sentencing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

An undercover inspector with the Scottish SPCA said: “The badger’s head was partially suspended from a live electric fence and would have been subjected to a continuous electric current.

“With assistance of the Natural History Museum in London, forensic entomology was carried out on the fly larvae found on the dead badger.
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“The scientist was able to establish the age of the larvae and determined that the badger had remained in the snare for longer than 24 hours.

“This is the first time forensic entomology has been used in a Scottish SPCA investigation and we wish to thank PAW Forensic Working Group for their expertise and financial assistance.”

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