Guy Capp jailed over illegal fighting between dog and ferret – BBC News

A man who arranged a fight between a dog and a ferret has been jailed in connection with animal welfare offences.

Guy Capp, 25, of Hawthorne Avenue, Brigg, arranged a dog and ferret fight in December 2014.

He was sentenced at Scunthorpe Magistrates’ Court to four months in prison, and disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Capp was also ordered to pay £600 costs to the RSPCA, which prosecuted.

Wounds unattended

At a hearing in August, he pleaded guilty to four charges relating to animal welfare – including keeping two female dogs for animal fighting.

They were a brown terrier called Pip, and a female black-and-white bull lurcher called Jazz. Both were found muddy and covered in more than 50 old and new wounds.

The other charges included causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs by failing to provide veterinary care and attention for their wounds and conjunctivitis, and causing unnecessary suffering to a domestic ferret.

RSPCA inspector Cliff Harrison said the fight between Capp’s dog and the ferret had been filmed on Capp’s mobile phone.

"The footage is very distressing," Mr Harrison said. "It was a fight to the death for the ferret.

"The footage has sound and you can hear the ferret squealing in agony. Capp can be heard encouraging the dog, saying ‘kill him’, and when the ferret finally expires, three minutes later, saying, ‘good lad’.

"That some people get enjoyment out of something like this, and would inflict this kind of suffering on an animal for fun, even capturing it on camera so that they can re-live it, is abhorrent."
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