Please sign the petition below – No Amendment to The Hunting Act

No Amendment to The Hunting Act

The Prime Minister promised a repeal on The Hunting Act 2004 in his manifesto but now realises that he cannot risk a free vote on repeal as it is likely he would lose.

Instead of respecting the democratic view of the majority of the population who are against hunting with dogs he has found a way to force through changes that will once again allow animals to be ripped apart by packs of dogs in the name of sport. Animal abuse is not sport!

Mr Cameron has decided that rather than having a fair and democratic debate he will slip through an "amendment" before the summer recess and because it is a statutory instrument it will be rushed through with only 90 minutes of debate.

Mr Cameron will put the idea to his party’s 1922 Committee today and the statutory instrument could then be rushed through as early as next week. If passed by MPs, it would go to the Lords for debate in the autumn which is why we are petitioning them too. If approved there, it would take effect immediately, so the new regime would begin this winter.

Please sign this petition and support us – NO AMENDMENT TO THE HUNTING ACT! #noamendment #keeptheban

Please help us to save the hunting act and stop any amendment to the current legislation.

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North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

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Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


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