Mystery as police seize 16 fox cubs from North Yorkshire barn

Thursday 04 June 2015

POLICE have seized 16 fox cubs discovered in a barn near Malton and have launched an investigation into how they got there.

Acting on a tip, officers searched an outbuilding on the Birdsall Estate on Sunday morning, where they found the cubs, all aged from about six to eight weeks old.

Acting under the Animal Welfare Act, they rescued the cubs and took them to an animal sanctuary outside North Yorkshire.

The foxes were being fed and had access to water, but police say they need further information as to how they got in the barn, why they were there, and who put them there.

PC Jez Walmsley, wildlife crime officer for the Ryedale area, said: “These cubs had been taken out of the wild, and will have come from at least four different litters. I am appealing to anyone with any information about these foxes, particularly landowners and the communities of Birdsall, Leavening and Thixendale, to contact me. I also want to hear from anyone who is aware of earth being dug out or vixens being killed, as they could have important information that could assist the investigation.”

A man has been arrested and released on police bail.

Anyone with information should call North Yorkshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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