Holsworthy fox hunting party ended in violence, a court heard

By North Devon Journal | Posted: April 26, 2015

A FOX hunting Christmas party ended in violence after a 25-year-old head-butted a bouncer, a court heart.

Joshua Lake, of Wood Park, Bideford, appeared at North Devon Magistrates’ on Friday and pleaded guilty to assault by beating.

The incident occurred outside the Memorial Hall in Holsworthy on December 28 last year during a fox hunting group’s Christmas party.

The court heard that the defendant had been escorted out of the building before midnight by bouncers.

The victim, one of the door staff, Kevin Walker, had tried to stop the defendant getting back into the venue and during the altercation had been head-butted by Lake.

Paul Walters, for the defence, told the court that Lake was of previous good character.

Mr Walters said Lake had got into a discussion with his girlfriend and after someone tried to interfere – he was subsequently thrown out by the bouncers.

A witness statement read out to the court stated that Lake had suffered a graze to the face while the door staff had thrown him out the venue.

Lake had left his jacket and a watch with sentimental value in the hall and wanted to get back inside.

He said he had not intended to head-butt the victim – it was in the heat of the moment to get them to back off.

Before he could apologise to the victim, the police arrived and Lake fled the scene.

Mr Walters said he regretted his actions.

Lake was given a 12-month community order and ordered to under-take 80 hours of unpaid work,

He must also pay a victim surcharge of £60, costs of £85 and £50 in compensation to the victim.

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