Tom Worby gone but never forgotten

On the 3rd of April 1993, 22 years to this day, Tom Worby a 15 year old on his first day out sabbing in the United Kingdom was crushed beneath the wheels of the Cambridgeshire Foxhounds hound van.

The van had been driven at high speed towards sabs and Tom was unable to get out of the way in time. He was caught on the side of the van and dragged along, the driver huntsman Anthony Ball refused to stop and carried on at speed until Tom lost his grip and fell beneath the back wheel. Ball carried on at speed straight back to the kennels where he was protected by police. The hunt and support present laughed and declared it a victory while Tom died in his girlfriends arms. Anthony Ball was never prosecuted.

Wherever you are in the world please put Tom Worby in your thoughts today.

RIP Tom, never forgotten – Cambridgeshire Foxhounds never forgiven.
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One Reply to “Tom Worby gone but never forgotten”

  1. It seems little has changed since then with the recent riding down of the young woman saboteur Nid. I really do wonder why the police and the CPS appear to ignore vicious assaults on sabs and monitors, even seemingly appearing to collude with hunts. Clearly there is something going on here and one suspects there may be some sort of ‘old boys network’ or pro-hunting government interference. Whatever it is, hopefully with a change of Government the Hunting Act will be severely tightened up with much bigger penalties and confiscation..

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