The bastards

Young fox killed by the York & Ainsty South Hunt

Sabs from Sheffield Saboteurs, West Yorkshire Sabs and Grampian Hunt Sabs paid a visit to the York & Ainsty South Hunt on Saturday 21st Feb.

They had some bother with a landowner at first but he soon gave up after realising we were not going to take orders from him. The hunt spent the next hour just criss crossing roads with not much hunting happening. Sabs then spotted the huntsman putting hounds into a wood so we called them out and offered them strokes instead.

Now here comes the sad part which i have struggled to write. Huntsman and hounds had headed into a wood, closely followed by sabs. The hounds seemed interested in large bit of undergrowth but sabs quickly moved them on. We were just coming to the end of the wood and hounds immediately went into cry. We used voice calls and cracked whips to discourage them from following. Hounds quickly went out of cry but one sab spotted a small fox running along the edge of the wood.

Sabs immediately headed to the spot the fox had been seen but once they arrived around 8 hounds and the whipper-in were seen huddled together. The whipper-in had dismounted from her horse and seemed to be trying to take the body away. Once she saw sabs she immediately ran off and took the hounds with her.

The Fox lay lifeless on the grass. There was nothing sabs could do. We believe she had died from shock (an autopsy will be carried out so we will know the exact cause soon). Hunts say the hounds kill foxes with a quick nip to the back of the head but as you can see from the photos this was not the case!

The hunt carried on and sabs had to follow as the hounds were now rioting after a number of deer. We managed to successfully call the hounds off all of them.

The hunt decided it was best to call it a day and started the long walk back to the meet. At this point two police cars arrived. We told them what we had witnessed and even showed them the evidence. Their response? “Well i didn’t see it” They then headed to the meet chat with the hunt and make sure they were all ok.

As usual the police take the hunter’s side and we seriously doubt that anyone from the hunt will be prosecuted for this horrendous crime!





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