Protesters blamed for Gloucestershire badger cull failure

29 January 2015

Just 274 badgers were culled in the second year of a pilot cull in Gloucestershire

The government has blamed interference from protesters for the failure of a badger cull in Gloucestershire.

Just 274 badgers were culled in the second year of a pilot cull, falling far short of the minimum target of 615.

A similar cull in Somerset, where 316 was the minimum target, saw 341 badgers killed.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Environment Secretary Liz Truss said there were "issues" in Gloucestershire with "criminal activity and sabotage".

‘Culling works’
Defra has said the level of interference by anti-cull activists was higher in Gloucestershire than in Somerset.

Liberal Democrat MP, Andrew George, questioned if it was right to say both pilot culls had failed to meet their targets of 70% reduction in badgers.

Ms Truss said the chief veterinary officer "was very clear that the cull in Somerset shows culling does work in helping reduce disease".

The government sanctioned culls in a bid to stop the spread of bovine TB.

The pilots are aimed at testing how effective, humane and safe a cull can be.

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One Reply to “Protesters blamed for Gloucestershire badger cull failure”

  1. What a load of bull shit this woman from DEATHRA talks. Murdering badgers does NOT reduce TB in cattle. These vile people will say anything to make it look like they are right. The fact is both DEATHRA and the government are doing this to keep the farmers happy. The filthy cramped conditions that cattle are kept in should be looked into, that will spread desease. I know first hand that one farm I have seen keep new born calfs in the most disgusting conditions, they put them in small pens in an outhouse for 6 months and don’t clean them out at all till they are moved the smell was disgusting and there were rats all over the place. SO???????????????????????????????????I did report them but never heard back about it.

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