Merseyside men admit badger baiting in Welsh countryside

Jan 06, 2015 15:14
By Luke Traynor

William Chrystal and Leighton David Shiers were found with incriminating pictures on their mobile phones

Two Kirkby men admitted digging down to snare young badgers in the countryside to train terriers to attack them, a court heard.

William Chrystal, 24 and Leighton David Shiers, 18, were caught with shovels, walkie talkies and were wearing camouflage jackets at a well-known underground sett in north Wales when police pounced.

Three more of the gang sprinted off when officers arrived at the scene in Holywell on April 26, just before midnight, following a tip-of from a dog walker.

Peter Humphrey-Jones, prosecuting at Flintshire Magistrates, described how Chrystal and Shiers had pre-planned the operation which had involved GPS equipment and dog collars fitted with transmitters and a receiver to pin-point the location of the badgers.

The animals, if captured, could also have been sold on, the court heard, as magistrates warned the pair, they could be jailed for the ‘very serious matter.’

They pleaded guilty to attempting to take, kill or injure a badger.

Chrystal, of Milestone Road, and Shiers, of Melling Way, were banned from entering Wales before their sentencing.

Mr Humphrey-Jones told magistrates: “The ultimate intention was to take a badger from the sett. Chrystal knew what he was up to.”

Incriminating photographs had been found on his mobile phone including a badger dig taking place along with a picture of an animal being torn apart.

Also seized was a image of a young badger in a domestic setting, on a bed in an unidentified house.

Police who investigated found a parked vehicle containing dog boxes and two terriers, including lamps.

One officer got within 10 feet and identified himself as a policeman – but the man closest to him turned and raised the spade above his head in a threatening way.

The cop drew his Taser gun, prompting a shout of ‘Run’ from one of the mob, which led to two being caught.

Five shovels, including a specialist digging spade with a narrow blade, were recovered.

Shiers and Chrsytal stayed silent during police interview and refused to name their accomplices, the court heard.

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2 Replies to “Merseyside men admit badger baiting in Welsh countryside”

  1. They should definately get a prison sentence and a bloody long one. But also when they get out they should be made to do community service the nastiest and hardest jobs possible. The law in this Country is an ass, what should happen is chop the bastards hands off, give me the job I would be delighted to do it. Anybody interfering with any wild life should be made to suffer like they make the animals, they are psycopaths and should be locked away for life on bread and water till they die.

  2. the usa realised years ago the link between animal abuse and human abuse. we are beginning to get the mssg in this country. men who do these awful things to animals are extremely dangerous to the human race. glad they are not my neighbours. I wonder if anyone like these monsters and the lads who set Manchester dogs home alight ever meet their comeuppance?
    hope so

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