Barrow dad-of-two baited dogs to attack cat and sheep

Friday, 21 November 2014

SHOCKING video footage of a cat being torn apart by dogs saw a Barrow man jailed for animal cruelty. Dad-of-two Andrew Fenton, of Westway, Barrow, also boasted on Facebook that he was “over the moon” his dog had “smashed a cat”, Furness Magistrates’ Court heard on Thursday November 20.

The 29-year-old was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison after district judge, Mr Gerald Chalk, rejected his defence that “friends” had borrowed his dogs and camera and filmed the attack.

Fenton had already pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by baiting his dogs to attack a sheep – an incident also captured on video – at an earlier hearing. Yesterday he was convicted of the same charge in relation to a separate attack on a cat after pleading not guilty.

Judge Chalk said: “Anyone who has watched these videos would be appalled. What makes it worse is the voice of pleasure in the act.
Appeal for information as hunt for others continues

INVESTIGATORS are still on the hunt for other individuals present at the scene of the horror attack on the sheep and the cat. Anyone with any information can call the RSPCA inspector on 0300 1234 999. Information can be left anonymously. “Serious pain and suffering was caused to both these animals and one hopes the cat died shortly afterwards to prevent further suffering.”

The court heard that the RSPCA and Barrow police had executed a search warrant at the defendant’s then address in Rawlinson Street on March 19, after a tip off about an unrelated case. During the raid a camera, Samsung tablet and mobile phone were seized.

Mr Steven Marsh, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said: “Inspectors from the RSPCA found a video on the camera of a clear attack on a domestic, black and white cat screaming and howling in pain.”

The footage showed two large dogs, identified as lurchers named Snatch and Kenya, tearing at the terrified animal.

Mr Marsh said a vet who had examined the footage thought it unlikely the cat could have survived.

Fenton could clearly be heard shouting: “Go on, just get it, go on son” as the dogs attacked.

The video of the attack on the sheep was found on the Samsung tablet, as were Facebook messages between the defendant and associates relating to “lamping”, which involves the use of dogs to hunt rabbits or rats at night.

One of the messages, sent by Fenton, read: “Just missed a fox this morning. there with Pete we smashed a cat on the way home, pup was getting bit to **** but smashed it.

“I know it was just a cat but over the moon with pup not letting go like.”

The footage showed a lurcher called Lady and a pit bull terrier called Alfie, which has since been identified as a banned breed, biting the animal and dragging it to the floor.

Fenton can be heard saying “bring Snatch over, let him have a go” before calling the dogs off.

The defendant claimed he was “embarrassed” and “deeply sorry” about the attack on the sheep.

But under cross examination from Mr Marsh, he said: “I am an honest guy, and will admit anything I have done but I will not plead guilty to something I didn’t do.”

Mrs Karen Templeton, defending, said her client had worked hard for years and was a single parent to a 10-year-old boy.

On top of the jail sentence, Fenton was banned from keeping animals for 20 years, and his dogs Snatch, Alfie and a terrier called Nell were seized by the RSPCA.


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One Reply to “Evil bastard – BEWARE HORRIBLE ARTICLE”

  1. 26 weeks??????????What a bloody insult this is, this filthy evil bastard should be in prison for life the murdering scum. I surpose with the ridiculous laws in this country re animal cruelty we should he thankfull this shit got 26 weeks and not a fine. I hope the person who’s cat it was sues this filth and also who ever the sheep belonged to. Scum that do these evil acts of cruelty are SICK in the head and should be under lock and key for the rest of their lives. If these had been any of my animals believe you me when he got out he would wish he hadn’t.

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