By North Downs Hunt Sabs

A truly horrible and disgusting day at the Surrey Union Foxhunt who had their opening meet at Gosterwood Manor ,Forest Green .They moved quickly from the meet to the Lukyns estate near Ewhurst in an effort to lose the saboteurs (groups from North Downs, Guildford, Croydon and Kingston were in attendance).

Just before one o’clock the hunt were drawing a small wood called Gulls Isle when the hounds chased and quickly caught a Roe deer, several hounds savaged it causing horrendous injuries, the screams of the deer brought one saboteur to the scene and he managed to get the hounds off it and frantically tried to call other sabs to help on the radio (we didn’t realise the extent of its injuries at this point and were hoping to take it to a local wildlife hospital).

It was at this point when the Surrey Police showed that they didn’t give a damn for the torment of the deer and prolonged its suffering by refusing to let the other saboteurs present come to the aid of the deer and acting as the hunt private security threatening to wrongly arrest people for aggravated trespass just for their compassion, four sabs were arrested at this time in their efforts to get to the deer. Many of the sabs have worked at animal sanctuaries and could of quickly accessed its injuries and by their actions the Police only protracted the animals agony for a further twenty to thirty minutes We finally managed to get some more reasonable cops to go to the deer and the lone saboteur and realising that the deer was beyond saving arranged for the poor animal to shot.

The four sabs were taken away to spend many hours in the cells and the rest of the sabs continued to stick with the hunt until the end to prevent further loss of life.

We all ended the day absolutely gutted that we didn’t manage to save the life of this poor deer and more determined in our campaign against this disgusting hunt which clearly has no control of its hounds, it the past this hunt has killed at least three other deer that we know of (this probably happens many more times a year as it was just that we were there to witness it)

If you feel outraged by the cruel death of this poor animal please share this post far and wide ( we will be adding more photos and videos later )

We will be asking you to help in a campaign to get the hunt banned from National Trust land ( as they definitely have no control of their hounds )

Complain to Surrey Police for paying no heed to the suffering of this animal and their constant pro-hunt bias.

Donate to the local group to help us maintain our Land Rover ( account no 65545775 sort code 08-92-99)

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  1. This story is truly disturbing and disgusting, these vile scum that did this should be hung they are some of the most wicked evil and cruel people on this planet. What should happen is punish the bastards by putting them all in a lions den and see how they like being torn to bits, I hate scum like this with a vengence. The Police should be ashamed of themselves and I am going to phone to complain, maybe the certain ones that didn’t care about the deer are in somone’s pocket???????????????

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