Three huntsmen to face trial charged with fox hunting in Northumberland


Ian Mckie, Timothy Smalley and Andrew Proe will appear before Berwick Magistrates for a two day trial beginning on Monday

Three members of the College Valley and North Northumberland Hunt, including the Joint Master and Huntsman, are to face trial charged with illegally hunting a fox.

Joint Master, Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman, Ian Robert McKie and Kennel Huntsman, Andrew John Proe, are each charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Section 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.

The case which will be heard at Berwick Magistrates on Monday October 13 is listed for a two day trial and is based on evidence supplied by the League Against Cruel Sports and further investigations carried out by Northumbria Police.

It is in relation to an incident alleged to have taken place during an advertised hunt meet at West Kyloe Farm, near Lowick, Northumberland on February 27.

All three defendants pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges on July 17.

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One Reply to “Three huntsmen to face trial charged with fox hunting in Northumberland”

  1. So this was yesterday, wonder what the outcome was, no doubt a ridiculous fine. It really is time that some strong law is brought in to deal with this filth that hunt legally or not its just disgusting and very cruel. These people are scum and need teaching a lesson, heafty fines, prison sentence’s and community service, personally I would hang the bastards. It should have been an outright ban on hunting when the law first came in then anybody caught would be prosecuted.

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