Outrage over mountain hare ‘massacre’

Wildlife groups call for stricter regulation of grouse estates carrying out culls of endangered species
Exclusive by Rob Edwards
Sunday 28 September 2014

Landowners have been condemned for shooting more than 1500 mountain hares this year in the Lammermuir Hills, southeast of Edinburgh.

Wildlife and animal rights groups say that the "mass slaughter" of a much-loved Scottish species is unjustified and cruel. But landowners insist the cull is necessary to protect grouse from disease so that they can be shot for sport.


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Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


One Reply to “Unbelievable!!!!!”

  1. It’s just disgusting any animal that gets in the way of the human race is murdered. I am sick to death of these shit that are murdering animals if its not one thing it’s another and I am sick to bloody death of it all. WHY do humans think they have the right to murder innocent animals???WANKERS the ot of them.

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