Badger cull protesters arrested as tensions run high

Good little news clip

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One Reply to “Badger cull protesters arrested as tensions run high”

  1. What a waste of Police time, this badger cull is just ridiculous cruel and totally unnecessary. Well done to the sabs and OH DEAR my heart bleads for the farmers wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When I contacted DEFRA (deathra) to ask them WHY a vaccination scheme could not be done as is being done in Wales and very successfull also I believe the same is being done in Cornwall. Defra’s answer was there are to many badgers in the Gloucestershire area?????I ask you what a load of crap that is. Somerset and Gloucestershire is full of shit that love murdering any animal. The dairy farming industry is a disgrace. They treat their cows dicgracefully and I have seen farm hands kicking and hitting calfs when they would not leave their Mother. WHY can’t calfs be vaccinated against TB at birth?????It’s all down to MONEY and to hell with the innocent badgers that are being murdered. Farmers make me sick they are always moaning about something. We don’t need dairy products I live very well without them.

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