Hunt Saboteur Cleared Of Breaching Badger Cull Injunction

A sab from West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs has finally had the case brought against her for breaching the NFU High Court Injunction dropped. She was the only person in the country to be taken to court for breaching the injunction that was linked with the badger cull last year.

The decision was taken by the CPS to discontinue the prosecution, prior to a legal argument hearing that was set to take place this week at Gloucester Crown Court. The prosecution failed to provide a counter argument to the skeleton document that the defence had provided.

The sab in question had to attend court on four separate occasions, two of which were in Crown court and the whole thing has not only been a waste of time, but has also cost the tax payer a considerable amount of money.

Lee Moon, Spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: "Powerful companies such as the NFU and Huntingdon Life Sciences are misusing injunctions to try and stifle legal protest. They use their wealth to create their own private laws. It is gratifying to see that this case, along with almost all the other unlawful arrests during last years culls, has been dropped. We look forward to seeing some substantial financial payouts from these unlawful arrests and we hope the Government and NFU will now realise that the cull was successfully stopped by entirely legal means."


Badger cull protester cleared of breaching injunction
Last updated Thu 29 May 2014

The case has been dropped against Cathy Scott, who denied breaching last year’s badger cull injunction Credit: GNS

The only person in the UK accused of breaching last year’s badger cull injunction has been cleared after the prosecution dropped the case.Cathy Scott, 37 from Coventry, was alleged to have run into a badger-killing field at Tibberton, near Gloucester, shouting and waving a torch on 3 October 2013.

She had denied breaching a High Court injunction banning anyone from protesting within 100m of homes or using torches, LED lights and camera flashes near the badger cull zone.

Today at Gloucester crown court, the Crown Prosecution Service announced it had reviewed the case and is not proceeding with the charge.

Prosecutor Tim Greaves said that the decision by the Crown not to offer evidence "is not, and should not be viewed in any way, as an acceptance of the submissions made by the defendant".Judge Jamie Tabor QC formally found Ms Scott not guilty.

Ms Scott regularly travelled from Coventry to Gloucestershire during the badger cull last year to protest against it.

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