Devon & Somerset Staghounds charged with illegal hunting a second time

Tristan Cork | Posted: April 07, 2014
Devon & Somerset Staghounds charged with illegal hunting a second time

One of the West’s biggest hunts has been charged with breaking the ban on hunting for a second time and now faces the prospect of fighting two court battles simultaneously.

The joint master of the Devon & Somerset Staghounds, David Greenwood, has been charged with breaching the ban in late October last year, and will appear before magistrates later this month.

Mr Greenwood was charged by the Crown Prosecution Service alongside huntsman Donald Summersgill with an allegation of illegal stag hunting on October 24 in west Somerset, and is due to appear before Taunton magistrates on April 25.

The joint master is already due in court later this week on an earlier charge of breaking the Hunting Act 2004, this time relating to a separate incident that happened in September last year. He faces that charge alongside fellow joint master Rupert Andrews, with the pair due at Taunton Magistrates on Friday this week.

Both cases were initially investigated by police following the submission of video evidence taken by monitors from the League Against Cruel Sports. The police passed the cases on to the Crown Prosecution Service, which has instigated formal state prosecutions.

Following the first charge being laid, a spokesman for the Countryside Alliance pledged that the hunt would fight the legal action, and predicted the prosecutions would fail. Another case, against two men from the Weston & Banwell Harriers for illegally foxhunting in Somerset in 2012, failed last week when the huntsmen were cleared.
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