Police appeal for information following disorder at legal drag hunt

Date Published: 18/03/2014 16:20

Police from the Eden Neighbourhood Policing Team are appealing for information following a number of alleged incidents at a recent legal drag hunt on Saturday 15th March in the area of Grisedale Beck.

A legal drag hunt involves the laying of a scent, usually animal based (fox urine) prior to the hounds being released. The hounds then ‘hunt’ the scent and provide an activity for supporters to follow.

Officers were present in the area, to monitor the event and the activity surrounding it.

Also present was around fifteen masked ‘Hunt Monitors’, who were there to protest against the hunt, they clashed verbally with the people who were there to watch the drag hunt. More officers were deployed as tensions between the two parties increased.

Police have received a number of allegations detailed below and appeal to people who were in the area to come forward with information so that investigations can continue:

Police received an allegation that a fox had been killed during the legal drag hunt. A number of other people were identified as being in the area at the same time, however when Police spoke to them they advised they did not witness this and did not provide any information. Enquiries are continuing.

Police are investigating an allegation of assault when one of the ‘Hunt Monitors’ reported to police that he had been assaulted by a supporter. The victim received no injuries.

An allegation of a road traffic collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian at Grassthwaite Howe. Police Officers spoke to a number of people who were in the area, however no-one saw the incident or had any information.

Sergeant John Chambers said: “We will investigate any allegations, from all parties, however in order to do this we need cooperation from the public and for them to give us information about what they have seen. We also understand there maybe video footage of criminal activity and we would appreciate those with footage to share it with us to help with our investigations.”

Anyone with any information into any of the three allegations are asked to contact Police on 101 and ask to speak to an officer from the Eden Neighbourhood Policing Team.


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Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports

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