Fox savaged by hounds in front of distressed tourists



Cumbria Hunt Watch has received several calls this afternoon complaining about the killing of a fox by a pack of hounds at Peggy’s Bridge, Buttermere.

The incident, which was allegedly witnessed by numerous people out enjoying a days walking, caused considerable distress for those who witnessed the killing and dismay to those who believed this kind of cruelty ended 10 years ago with the passing of the Hunting Act 2004.

Hunt Watch investigators believe the only hounds in the area this afternoon were those belonging to the Melbreak Foxhounds.

Those who witnessed the incident were encouraged to report the incident to Cumbria Police. Cumbria Hunt Watch would also like anyone else who witnessed the incident to contact Cumbria Police on 101 and Cumbria Hunt Watch by call / text to 07939 180681 or email huntwatch . Anyone who would rather not contact the Police can still contact Cumbria Hunt Watch, anonymously if preferred.

Much land in the Buttermere area is owned by the National Trust and this incident once again puts the spotlight on the appropriateness of such an organisation to issue licences for what are described as drag hunts. Many of the Cumbria Hunt Watch investigators have been monitoring hunts in the area since the 2004 ban on hunting and have never witnessed a trail being laid or any form of drag hunt amongst the county’s foxhound associations.


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