Arran man set illegal rabbit traps

21 Feb 2014

AN ARRAN man has admitted illegally setting rabbit traps in a field.

Robin Gray, who is 51 and from Whiting Bay, pled guilty by letter to five varying charges all relating to the period between July 9 and August 17 of last year. Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told that he set Fenn Springer Mark IV traps in a calculated way to cause bodily injury to wild animals.

Gray set the traps without the landowner’s permission and without the traps being legal for rabbits.

He also admitted setting the traps in a field occupied by a horse, which could have caused injury to the animal, or to humans, cats and dogs.

The fourth charge was that the traps were illegal because they were not placed in an artificial or natural tunnel.

Finally, he admitted to setting traps for the purpose of killing of taking rabbits or hares.

Gray’s solicitor stated that he had set these traps to protect crops that were in the fields but did not do it in the correct manner or take proper guidance.

Sentence was deferred until March 18 for Gray to make a personal appearance.

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