7/2/14 – Hare shoot

Here’s some information for you to do what you want with:

Sir Nicholas Bacon, landowner, of Raveningham Estate, Norfolk, who hosted the recent hare shoot on his land, commented about his actions/involvement by saying it wasn’t a shoot but a “CULL”. This comment was directed at a colleague of ours who saw him out and about. A CULL!?!  We’re sure the Hare Preservation Trust would be interested to know this (oh, boy…have they been informed!!).

Also, we believe some of the hares that were shot on the day were pregnant and others were lactating.  As a result, their offspring will have died too.  The Wild Mammals Act 1996 should technically protect these creatures, especially in these circumstances, from being shot or “culled”. This has also been addressed to the Hare Preservation Trust.

ALSO ‘trans-location’ (moving animals from one area to another to repopulate where they have gone into decline – which has been successfully achieved around the country) is something that should be mentioned. The Hare Preservation Trust has attempted to instigate this on the Raveningham estate but the landowner did not fully co-operate.

Furthermore, it has been speculated by some observers, but by no means all, that hares may have been introduced specially for the shoot but there is no real evidence of this.  The walked-up hares were shot without any chance of singling out any weak and aged animals which would have been necessary if it had been a “proper” cull.   Well over a hundred hares were shot on the 7 February this year by forty plus “guns”, whose methods used to walk-up and encircle the hares in the fields was distressing to view and meant that very few were able to run the gauntlet and survive.

Sir Nicholas Bacon used to be President of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust but coincidentally or not, after thousands of complaints from many quarters, he resigned shortly after the shit hit the fan in 2011.   He however, claimed his “time was up” but we think otherwise!  He is, however, currently President of the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society), which supports BAPS (Biodiversity Action Plans for conservation).  Hares are a priority species under BAPS!  View the mission statement on Raveningham Estate website (conservation) which also claims to support BAPS including protection for the brown hare.  You can make your own mind up as to whether a man with this history of hare shoots is fit for purpose to be President of the RHS.

Right, now this is the important bit. We’ve established these hare shoots, which are carried out and managed by callous and desensitised shites, are despicable and extremely cruel to hares.   So what can you do to help?  Firstly, this is where the power of the pen (or keyboard..) comes in. Here are the contact details for various groups we have mentioned.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you and read about your concerns……

Royal Horticultural Society:
Phone – 0845 260 5000
Email – pressoffice
Address – 80 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2PE

Biodiversity Action Plans:
E-Mail – UKBAP

Hare Preservation Trust:
Address – PO Box 447, Bridgwater, TA6 9GA
E-Mail – info

Raveningham Hall Estate:
Address – The Estate Office, Raveningham,
Norwich, NR14 6NS
Phone – 01508 548152
E-mail – office

Also, we’d advise that people should also contact various media outlets including EDP24, BBC Look East, ITV News, and etc.

Together, as a joint effort, we can stop this from happening again! Please share this information.

Join us!! x

North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230
Blog – https://nwhsa.wordpress.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ManchesterHuntSabs

Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


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