7/2/14 – Hare shoot

By Norfolk/Suffolk Hunt Saboteurs

Today (Friday 7/2/14) was a heavily emotional day. As you can guess this isn’t the usual day of the week for having to protect wildlife from pure filth. However, every year a collection of disturbed human beings organize for a mass Hare shoot.

This ‘legal’ event took place today with 50+ active members who each carried film arms (wonder if they’re all legal..) and were heavily engaged with trying to murder. An earlier start then normal also resulted in an instant reaction from us.

As the shoot began, we used classic sab techniques to get animals away from the ranges of the shooters. However, for some it wasn’t so easy. This resulted in sabs going into the firing range and confronting shooters in their lines of sight. In the process, a shooter continued firing toward a hare while sabs were in the close (and i mean close!) vicinity. Near miss for us, but a direct hit to a beautiful creature. The unbelievable “balances’ of nature (shooter bastards) decided they didn’t have the bottle to finish the hare off, leaving it to suffer. As a result, the hare was taken by a colleague and taken away from the range of fire in the hope that it would have a chance to live. It was too late and continued to bleed in the arms of a sab well after it had died.

After this, the shoot gathered together and was held up while they discussed tactics and called the police. After the shoot was held up for over an hour, we kept at them all day and did what we could to prevent them achieving what they wanted to do. With the unfortunate presence of the police (who hassled us, ignored abuses of gun regulations and dangerous behavior towards us) we had no choice but to spend the rest of the day shouting at the horrible people involved. This however, had an unexpected result as many (who had the chance to shoot a lot!) decided to just watch them run by them. We had clearly dampened the spirit of the day and can successfully say we have stopped the shoot in the morning, caused a delay and been able to save an x-amount of lives….

This didn’t stop a few spefic participants giving us some aggravation. Infact, I myself was told that “if I come near him, he’d blow my legs off”. Funny how they shut up when a police officer is about!

The people involved decided to play the race card against us because of their greek and italian backgrounds (because most of their animals have been shot and wiped out!). We, along with every person involved with the HSA, are strongly against any sort of fascism and always will be!! They just don’t understand that we don’t like them (shooters, not races) because they are destroying something that no one can ever recreate. Once they are gone – they are gone.

We are now uploading some pictures, but more pictures will be added soon. In the mean time, here’s paper-work related information if anyone wants it:

Meet location: Windle Hill Farm, Yarmouth Road, Gillingham, Beccles NR34 0EF.

The shoot was run by Sir Nicholas Bacon’s Raveningham Hall Estate.
Managing the shoot :Jake Fiennes, brother of the famous actor & adventurer Randolf Fiennes.

Contact details of these individuals can be found on the internet. But we’ll remind you once we have another ‘office day’. Now for bed, and more activities tomorrow….

There are some images of this shoot on the sabs Facebook page (link below) BEWARE THEY SHOW IMAGES OF DEAD HARES.


North West Hunt Saboteurs Association

07960 038230
Blog – https://nwhsa.wordpress.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ManchesterHuntSabs

Direct Action Against All Forms of bloodsports


2 Replies to “7/2/14 – Hare shoot”

  1. BLESS YOU! You sabs are completely dedicated to your aim of preventing this kind of evil activity. You get up from lovely warm beds on cold winter mornings during the hunting season. Nobody pays you; you have to buy, maintain and fuel your vehicles and are mainly self-funded. You are totally dedicated, and so immensely brave. You suffer violence, as you did in this instance – often physical – and yet you do not retaliate because, although the police seem to be blind when it comes to that, they would not hesitate in prosecuting a sab for the same kind of behaviour.

    Very few people have that kind of determination and compassion. Most people are like and me and could not do it. You are utterly amazing. YOU ARE AWESOME.

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