Gamekeeper will stand trial over death of dog

Gamekeeper will stand trial over death of dog
Friday, October 04, 2013
By Lucy Clarke-Billings lucy.clarke-billings

A GOUDHURST man has appeared in court accused of killing a dog by driving over it with a golf buggy.

Sevenoaks Magistrates’ Court heard how the incident came after months of arguments between gamekeepers at The Glassenbury Shoot, a Goudhurst gaming reserve, and the dog’s owner, Miss Salmon.

Gamekeeper Tony Reynolds, 42, of Bedgebury Road, in Goudhurst, is accused of screaming "I’m going to kill you and all of your f*****g dogs" before deliberately running over and killing a long-haired white Alsatian dog.

Prosecutor Nicholas Markendale told the court: "This case arises from problems, between the owner of the dog and gamekeepers, they have been having for some time.

"Prior to the incident there have been bad feelings. Miss Salmon says the shoot access scares her horse and the shooters think the dogs scare the pheasants."

On July 4, Miss Salmon said she was walking her three dogs – a large boxer dog and two long haired Alsatians – when Reynolds appeared driving a buggy.

Accelerating when he saw the dogs, Reynolds is alleged to have driven straight towards them, knocking a dog down and killing it instantly.

The prosecution said: "Miss Salmon put her arms out, yelling for him to stop, but he kept accelerating towards her before she jumped out of the way."

Appearing in court on Wednesday, he was charged with criminal damage to property and use of threatening words and behaviour with intent to cause fear.

Reynolds denies that he intended to kill the dog and said he was speeding up to drive away because he knew the dogs were vicious.He also denies using threatening words and behaviour.

Defence solicitor Mr Burrows said: "There is a history of the dogs attacking people and attacking 4×4 cars as well. As the defendant had two small puppies with him, he feared that both he and they would be in danger.

"He took a sharp left turn and heard a thump. He has never denied he was the driver, but didn’t know what happened to the dog afterwards."

Reynolds will appear at Sevenoaks’ Magistrates’ Court for trial on January 14.

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