The arrogance of this family (The Ferry clan)

Arrogance of Ferry’s knife-carrying son as judge lets him off jail: Student told officers to go away and ‘investigate real crime’ when he was caught for second time

  • Merlin Ferry, 22, told by judge he will be locked up if caught with knife again
  • Told probation officer knife crime ‘to do with London and people on estates’
  • Pleaded guilty to possessing a bladed article at Isleworth Crown Court
  • Judge Paul Dugdale told the student if he is caught again the ‘consequences on your lucky life so far will be devastating’

By Chris Greenwood

20 March 2013

One of Bryan Ferry’s sons avoided jail yesterday after being caught carrying a knife for a second time.

Merlin Ferry, 22, had told police to go away and ‘investigate real crime’ when he was found with the weapon.

Officers stopped the student in his uninsured Saab and were searching for drugs when they arrested him for carrying the knife. He told the officers: ‘You can unarrest me now.

Merlin Ferry
Merlin Ferry

Merlin Ferry, pictured outside Isleworth Crown Court, has been warned he will face jail if caught carrying a knife again

And he continued to show no remorse yesterday, complaining about being forced to get up early to travel to court from his Shropshire home.

The Marlborough-educated student received a community order after the judge delivered a stern lecture on the dangers of knife crime.

The sentence comes just two years after a case was dropped when he was stopped while carrying a Gurkha knife. His lawyer successfully argued that weapon – known as a Kukri – was part of a fancy dress outfit he was wearing to a student party.

Ferry, who is studying in Barcelona, was subjected to a lengthy dressing down yesterday at Isleworth Crown Court, in West London.

Judge Paul Dugdale told him that coming from a privileged background does not mean the ‘normal rules’ do not apply to him, and warned him of the dangers of carrying a knife

‘You could walk down the corridor here at Isleworth and go into a courtroom and hear a case where someone had their face opened by a knife and were scarred for life.

‘That was caused by somebody who had a knife, problems arose, things happened and it ended up being used.

‘You know of the number of deaths and murders in London that are caused because people have knives in their pockets and somebody is left dead: that is why there are a large number of people calling for a minimum of one year’s custody for somebody caught with a knife.’

The judge said many would have expected that the ‘penny would have dropped’ after the first knife incident. He added: ‘Those that have the chance to make a success of their lives without the normal hardship of life are very lucky.

‘It has taken a bit of time for you to realise that luck and good fortune does not take you out of the normal world or that normal rules do not apply to you.

Merlin Ferry, left, told police to 'un-arrest' him and to 'investigate real crime' when he was stopped.
Merlin Ferry, left, told police to ‘un-arrest’ him and to ‘investigate real crime’ when he was stopped.

Merlin Ferry, left, told police to ‘un-arrest’ him and to ‘investigate real crime’ when he was stopped. He is pictured with Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry, centre, and brothers (left to right) Isaac, Otis and Tara

‘You are just another young man carrying a knife and that makes you very frightening to people and that is why people think I should send you to prison.

‘If you carry a bladed article again in public again you will spend six months of your life in Wormwood Scrubs and the consequences on your lucky life so far will be devastating. Don’t think that will not happen, it will.’

Ferry’s probation officer said he had shown ‘no remorse’ for the danger to the public he posed or the cost of bringing him to justice. The official said he ‘lacked insight into the offence’ and had said knife crime was something ‘to do with London and people on estates’.

Ferry was stopped by police in his silver Saab in Chelsea on September 29 last year. When asked if he had anything in his pocket which could injure the officers as they searched for drugs he said ‘yes’ and pulled out the lock-knife.

He was arrested and told officers ‘you can just unarrest me now’ before claiming the knife was a present from a friend who had just returned from Greece.

Ferry’s mother is former model Lucy Helmore, who divorced Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry in 2003. His old-Etonian older brother Otis, 29, has been arrested several times over his pro-hunting activism, including protesting inside the House of Commons. He also has a conviction for drink-driving.

Ferry, who admitted possessing a bladed article, was placed on a 12-month community order, which includes 100 hours’ community service. He was ordered to pay £500 costs. He was also given six penalty points for having no insurance and was disqualified for six months under totting up rules.


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