Would you believe it, another guilty gamekeeper!


Another day, another location, another criminal gamekeeper, another wildlife crime conviction, another shit sentence.

This time it’s gamekeeper Shaun Leslie Allanson (37), convicted of crow cage trap misuse on the Blansby Park Estate, nr Pickering, North Yorkshire.

Today at Scarborough Magistrates Court, this ‘professional’ pleaded guilty to intentionally taking a buzzard using a live pigeon in a cage trap on 28 Aug 2012, and using a cage trap with a live pigeon decoy between 31 Aug and 19 Sept.

His punishment? 120 hours community service and £85 costs. Wonder if he’s a member of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation? We’ll do some asking….

There’s a fuller story in the Telegraph here.

Well done North Yorkshire Police and well done to the Natural England employee who first recognised the crow trap was being used illegally and releasing the buzzard to safety.



3 Replies to “Would you believe it, another guilty gamekeeper!”

  1. Doesn’t it make you wonder how many wildlife crimes, apart from hunting and coursing, are going on in isolated country locations where it’s not easy for the public to spot? And of course, when these criminals are caught, the sentences are just not stiff enough otherewise it wouldn’t happen so frequently. Like illegal hunting, if these law breakers can get away with it or get away with a minimal sentence, they will keep doing it.

  2. And what the pro morons don’t realise is that game birds are introduced purely for the greedy to make money, but buzzards are not only our natural species,but it is also a punishable crime to be cruel to animals, and furthermore. buzzards are a protected species. Clearly the thick criminals are either too stupid to understand that, or are deliberately breaking the law and should be punished.

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