URGENT – The Battle for badgers begins

Today the 20th of October, one of our teams in the Gloucestershire zone found two setts that had been pre-baited.

We have the photos and we will disclose the names of the farms tomorrow.

After making calls we found out that at 6.45pm on this Saturday night there are people working in Natural England, we can only assume that the licence and all the other logistics are in place and the cull is about to start, we have looked at a lot of setts today and there are only the two that have been pre-baited.

With this in mind we now have to ask you all to get your waterproofs packed and start working out your work schedules, booking any time off from the 29th of October almost guarantees that you will be coming during the cull (if it is taking place) as the cull has to be finished by the end of November.

Please remember that the biggest and hardest part for us is too work out accommodation, If you need help with this then you really do need to contact your local hunt sab group.

We will update you with any information that we have as soon as we get it, we will be updating this page tomorrow with any news about other setts being pre-baited and we will put up a comprehensive list of all the things you should bring with you.

We are watching the farmers

We are watching setts

We will protect the setts



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