Man killed a badger and kept terrier for baiting

A MAN has been jailed and banned for keeping dogs for 10 years after an RSPCA investigation into badger baiting.

Thomas Marvell was sentenced on two charges under the Protection of Badgers Act.

He was ordered to serve 10 weeks in custody for killing a badger and another six weeks for possessing a dog for baiting.

The court ordered both sentences should run consecutively.

Marvell, aged 25, was prosecuted by the RSPCA as part of an ongoing investigation into crimes against badgers.

His home on Vicars Walk, Worksop, was searched in March and a brown terrier was seized along with hunting paraphernalia.

A second man, Mel Gibson, 21, of Shrewsbury Road, Worksop – was also investigated and three dogs were discovered at his home, including one, called Smudge, which had an untreated septic hole in the side of its face.

GIbson was given a 12- month conditional discharge and banned from keeping dogs for five years when he too was sentenced at Worksop Magistrates’ Court. He was also ordered to pay £150 costs after admitting one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to Smudge by failing to get the dog’s injuries treated by a vet.

Chief Supt Barry Fryer, from the RSPCA’s special operations unit, said: “Both Marvell and Gibson are prime examples of what fate is likely to fall on those who think they can get away with inflicting terrible suffering on wildlife and domestic animals.

“Our officers are constantly digging further into the cruel and murky world of animal crime.”


2 Replies to “Man killed a badger and kept terrier for baiting”

  1. Murdering SCUM they should be made to do community service and it should be to dirtiest hardest work there is. They should also never be allowed to keep dogs again, they obviously did not look after the ones they had. Evil bastards like this want wiping off the planet they are no good what so ever to society.

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