Hunt Saboteurs stop grouse shoot on Saddleworth Moor

Hunt saboteurs from the North of England have stopped a grouse shoot that was taking place on Saddleworth Moor, between Holmfirth and Oldham. Today is the first Saturday of the grouse shooting season, one of the most prestigious and expensive days in the shooting calendar, where each customer will pay hundreds of pounds to blast birds out of the sky.

40 saboteurs arrived on the moor just before 10am and, despite the best efforts of the police and the shoot, managed to foil their attempts to shoot for the whole day. Eventually the disgruntled shooters called it a day at about 3pm, hopefully costing the shoot thousands of pounds in the process. The shoot staff were so angry about the loss of business and damage to their reputation that they apparently released two of their own pigeons and shot them out of the sky.

Shooting is not yet illegal In this country but relations were strained between the police and the shoot. The police were angry that the shoot hadn’t informed them that they were closing off the popular Saddleworth Moor on an August Saturday and the shoot were angry that, despite the presence of a helicopter and 8 vehicles, the police didn’t manage to remove the saboteurs.



6 Replies to “Hunt Saboteurs stop grouse shoot on Saddleworth Moor”

  1. This is such a result……well done to those sabs and also good to hear the shoot is pi***** off the police now too. That should help move things toward ending this vile hobby a bit sooner !
    I’m just sorry for those poor pigeons who had to take the brunt of their childish and brutish angst at not being able to kill things for entertanment.
    Well done to all concered.

  2. WELL DONE TO ALL THE SABS WHAT A GOOD DAYS WORK, these evil bastards should be banned from this evil cruelty, what sort of scum pays to shoot innocent birds. Wish there were some people like these sabs near me, as from the 1st October I have to put up with scum shooting pheasants on the farm next door to me, I have complained to the council they say they will have to wait for it to start and then monitor it, meanwhile birds are being murdered. I hate these evil dirty filthy rotten scum that murder innocent animals I wish someone would shoot them.

  3. your all a bunch of empty heads who need to do some research as to what goes on in the countyside, death is all part of life and if nothing was killed what would we all eat?! No birds killed on the shoot days are wasted all are sold to game dealers and eaten so it isnt a waste it isnt eccessive killing all the birds killed have lived a very good free range life so go bother some batteryhen farmers who rear birds cruely you ill informed people!!!!.

  4. also gamekeepers spend most of their time conservating, they do this by creating and saving habbitats for wildlife which is alot more than all you treehuggers do. if you dont like things being killed then how do you think all the helpless small animals would feel if gamekeepers didnt do any pestconrol. you are the people doing the damage going dirupting feildsports but more important habbitats. if animals wernt killed the earth would be a horfrible overpopulated mess where non of us could live. so you should be thanking us for what us keepers do for you.

    1. I live in the country and have done all of my ife and so I do indeed know exactly what goes on. You cant just accuse dissenters of your ‘sport’ of ignorance.
      As a vegan I dont have to kill or have killed for me, any animal, so what you say is errant nonsense.
      As far as gamekeepers needing to do ‘pestcrontrol’…calling an animal a pest is simply a way of mitigating it’s killing and does’nt wash I’m afraid.
      Seems to me there are 2 categories of animals you sort like to kill. Firstly the ones you breed and put there for the sole purpose of shooting at for your sick entertainment and secondly the ones who might potentially predate those in the first category. So dont pretend you do these things in order to protect ALL the wildlife in the vicinity which may be predated. That’s laughable !
      When this nasty practice finally gets banned, which it will, let’s see what happens to our countryside….I predict it will be a calm,quiet, natural place, rich with wildlife and contained by volunteers who truly understand how the British countryside should be.
      No living creature can be owned and thus no-one has any rights over it to cause it suffering of any kind. Those failing in this understanding are I feel, still evolving and in the meantime these poor creatures need protection….hence the saboteurs you dislike so much.
      BTW…It’s conserving not conservating. (that aint a word)

  5. You people are stupid and uneducated about the profession of gamekeeping you hate so much. Let me help you.
    1. You would probably have died out a long time ago if you decided to ‘go vegan’ a few hundred years ago or less (no bad thing in my opinion). 2.What are you talking about evolving? Youre the ones who never would have made it as far as this in evolution if you didnt eat meat and now you preach to the world about how much more righteous you are then the rest of us? Please give me a breal. 3.Even for any type of fruit or vegetable or grain, something has to die for ie pesticides are used or crows are killed to stop them eating it so you can never have truly ethical food like you like to THINK you do because we simply would not be able to produce it on any sort of scale that we needed. 4. The countryside would look completely different if we didn’t have any sort of management, there would be wildfires (as proven in many cases recently where the Moor is not managed with fire breaks) without regular management and Heather burning and it would all be forests, nothing else (i.e so no hipster pictures overlooking beautiful hills). 5th and finally if all you would like to see around is crows and feral cats then please try and tell me again that pest control is not imprtant.

    You clearly know nothing about the countryside so please can you not lecture us and leave us to it instead of just day-tripping at weekends and messing it up for the people who actually live and work in it.

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