Plymouth man denies causing birds to suffer

Robert Wright
Robert Wright

MAN who kept wild birds at his home illegally has gone on trial for allegedly causing them to suffer by keeping them in captivity.

Robert Wright, aged 48, is also accused of having 11 cage traps and a net to capture birds from the wild.

​Robert Wright at Plymouth Magistrates Court

Robert Wright at Plymouth Magistrates Court

Wright is on trial at Plymouth Magistrates’ Court on three charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a linnet, two goldfinches and two siskins at his home in Wasdale Gardens in Estover on January 28 last year.

He also allegedly had the traps and net for the commission of an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Wright has pleaded not guilty to those offences.

He has admitted illegal possession of the five wild British birds.

Hazel Stevens, opening the prosecution for the RSPCA, said police and charity officials seized eight British birds when they executed a warrant at Wright’s home.

She said it was illegal to keep native wild birds unless they had been bred in captivity from parents who were themselves legally held. Three of the birds were judged to be domesticated and returned.

Mrs Stevens said: “The prosecution allege that the defendant carried out an act by keeping wild birds in captivity that caused the birds to suffer.”

She added the court will hear from an expert in bird medicine in support of the RSPCA’s case.

Mrs Stevens said the presence of the traps in the home ‘demonstrate an intention to trap wild birds’.

The trial, presided over by district judge Kevin Gray, saw a video taken by an RSPCA inspector which showed the birds kept in cages in Wright’s back garden.

Case officer RSPCA inspector Jo Daniel said all the traps were laid out in the garden and ‘demonstrated to be in working order’.

She added that an expert with the RSPCA found all the birds were in ‘good bodily condition’.

The trial was due to continue today.

One Reply to “Plymouth man denies causing birds to suffer”

  1. What an ugly looking brute this Wright scum looks. I hope they throw the book at him for what he has done, anybody and that includes Zoo’s and Circus’s that keep wild animals in captivity are utter cruel bastards. Wild animals are WILD and should remain that way, anybody caught poaching and stealing wild animals should be punished most severly, personally I would chop their hands off.

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