SCUM BAG Richard Atkins – this is his second badger digging offence

Taken from NWHSA Vermin Patrol 1999 –

SCUM Richard Atkins

Two Derbyshire men found guilty of digging for a badger have been jailed for two months. Lee Robert Burton (25) of Tower Road, Hartshorne and Richard Alan Atkins (31) of Elmsleigh Green, Swadlincote were found guilty on 23/3/99 of digging for a badger after a five-day trial at Coalville magistrates. Burton threatened an officer with a spade he was carrying when arrested. Three dogs were found on the site and they all had scratches on their faces. A dead badger was found at the scene and the body was still warm. When they were taken back to their house there was a concrete badger on the front garden which all three dogs immediately attacked. Both men were sentenced to two months in prison. Magistrates ordered all equipment recovered by police to be destroyed and disqualified both men from owning a dog for three years. The three dogs had since been found new homes.

As for Lee Robert Burton: 09/12/2011 – Three Men Sentenced For Conspiracy to Rob, Boston

Three men have been sentenced to 10 years at Lincoln Crown Court today after pleading guilty to conspiracy to rob.

Lee Robert Burton (37) from Hartshorn, Derbyshire, Lee Keith Watkins (38) from Swadlingcote, Derbyshire and Andrew Waite (39) from Bicker, Lincolnshire attacked 56 year-old David Elston and his wife, Lorraine, at their home in Frithville, near Boston, on the evening of Friday 26 June 2009.

Mr Elston sustained serious head injuries after being struck across the head with a baseball bat resulting in a fractured skull requiring life-saving surgery at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham.  Mrs Elston was tied up and suffered head lacerations during the ordeal which ended in the offenders stealing a wallet containing just £200.

Sentencing the three, His Honour Judge Morris described the men as professionally high grade criminality who displayed extreme violence.

He also commended seven Lincolnshire Police officers for their efforts in bringing the offenders to justice.

Speaking after the sentencing, Detective Inspector Martin Holvey said, “This is an excellent result following an extremely complicated enquiry. It shows to the wider public in Lincolnshire our commitment to tackling serious and organised crime and sends out a clear message to those engaged in such activities that they will be arrested and put before the courts.

“I would like to thank all the prosecution team, especially the dedicated detectives who worked tirelessly on this case.  Our thoughts are with the victims and we are saddened that Mrs Elston is not alive to see justice done today”.

Mr Elston said, “The day that this incident took place was the day I received a life sentence, for the events are constantly on my mind, from morning to night.

“The questions that go through my mind on a regular basis and which have never been answered by the persons responsible are why we were targeted in the first place and why we were assaulted.

“I would like to thank Lincolnshire Police for their help and efforts in this Investigation and I am glad that some justice has been seen to be done. Sadly my wife Lorraine passed away before getting chance to see this.”


4 Replies to “SCUM BAG Richard Atkins – this is his second badger digging offence”

  1. This filthy evil scum Atkins should be in prison for at least two years and then he should do community service under supervision of course and tagged and a curfew of 9pm when he gets out of prison. Two months for a second offence of the same nature is just shocking. Burton threatened an officer with a spade this just shows what kind of scum these people are. Both Atkins and Burton should be wiped off the planet, what good are these sort of bastards to the world???????As for not keeping a dog for 3 years, that should have been an outright ban for life. This Country needs to have a serious think about the laws otherwise these sort of scum will carry on and on and on. Personally I would chop theirnhands off.

    1. Don’t forget the AR people know where he lives! I wouldn’t be in his gum boots for all the tea in China. Howard

  2. I cannot get my around why anyone would want to do those things. It is a question that I cannot find any rational explanation for.

    Scum like Atkins deserve nothing, except a horrible time in jail, lifelong tag and a massive bitch slap every day, when they least expect it.

    Stopping cruelty of all types is maybe the ultimate priority of law enforcement. low lifes like these are on a similar level of crime as rapists and paedophiles, beyong the pale of rational humanity.

    Scum like these should pay and be shown no mercy.

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