Six accused of badger baiting go on trial

Cambridge Magistartes courtThe trial has begun of six men accused of badger baiting in the Cambridgeshire countryside.

William Crotty, of Field Crescent, Royston, and Ricky Crotty, of Willowside Way, Royston, are among those accused of engaging in the illegal blood sport near Bassingbourn on November 6 last year.

At the opening of the case at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court yesterday, a video filmed from the police helicopter was played, showing five men with spades and a lurcher-type dog standing around a hole in a field which Pc Timothy Gawler said “had the appearance of a grave shape”.

Pc Gawler, who spotted the group from the helicopter at 1.55pm, said the men then started to fill the hole in.

Three of the men left the scene in a red truck with a sixth man, the driver, while another two left the scene on foot, and all were later arrested.

William Crotty, 30, and Ricky Crotty, 22, deny three charges: interfering with badger setts, digging for badgers and wilfully killing a badger.

The same charges are denied by Scott Brown, 28, of Boldon Colliery, Tyne and Wear; Kevin Cowell, 33, of Enfield, Middlesex, David Fox, 45, of Ongar, Essex, and Gabrielle Freeney, 31, also of Enfield.

The trial is expected to last until tomorrow.


3 Replies to “Six accused of badger baiting go on trial”

  1. SCUM like this absolutely disgust me, they must be found guilty and dealt with in a very severe way, show people they cannot get away with this disgusting behaviour. Personally I would like to see them have their hands chopped off tortured and then killed as they do to the badgers. These sort of evil people are the scum of the earth.

  2. Whatever they get – it won’t be enough but at least they are caught and having to face some kind of authority ……….

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