DEFRA backs down on buzzard ‘management’ trial!!

DEFRA backs down on buzzard ‘management’ trial!!

News just in, from Defra’s twitter account:

“We’ve listened to public concerns, so we are stopping current research and developing new proposals on #buzzards”

Fantastic news (well, at least until we find out what these ‘new proposals’ entail). A big, fat, massive WELL DONE to everyone who blogged, tweeted, emailed, petition-signed etc about this outrageous ‘study’. The people have been heard! It’s incredible to see how effective 9 days of campaigning can be!

We’ll post responses here as and when they are published:

RSPB response here

One Reply to “DEFRA backs down on buzzard ‘management’ trial!!”

  1. Just had an email from RSBP telling me DEFRA had backed down, but even so they need to be kept an eye on, these evil nasty filthy scum that want to murder wildlife will stop at nothing to get their own way, so we must keep allert. All the emails I sent re the proposal to destroy buzzard nests I got replys from except David Cameron and Defra, what a surprise hey????????????????????

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