Scottish gamekeeper guilty of wildlife crime after trapping owl

Scottish gamekeeper guilty of wildlife crime after trapping owl

A Kirriemuir gamekeeper has admitted illegal trapping an owl in a cage trap.

Robert Christie, 58, of Lindertis Estate, Airlie, pled guilty to the offence, which occurred in 2010, and was admonished at Forfar Sheriff Court.

The tawny owl suffered an injury to its beak and was extremely thin as the trap contained no food.

The bird received immediate vet treatment and has been released successfully back into the wild.

Cage traps are large wire enclosures with a funnel which a bird flies down into and cannot escape.

They are typically used to control carrion crows to protect livestock and fruit and vegetable crops.

The trap did not contain food or shelter, and a tray of water contained green algae.

It also did not have an identification tag, all contrary to the terms of the general licence.

Scottish SPCA Chief Superintendent Mike Flynn said: “Cage traps are widely misused, either through poor management or ignorance.

“The trap which Christie was responsible for failed to meet the legal requirements of the Scottish government’s General Licence.

“Christie pled ignorance to such conditions, which is shocking given he was an experienced gamekeeper.”



2 Replies to “Scottish gamekeeper guilty of wildlife crime after trapping owl”

  1. Well we all know what dirty filthy rotten cruel scum gamekeepers are so this is no surprise, and this one is thick as well. Why the hell can’t humans protect their crops etc from the birds and let them live as they have the right to do, I don’t know why the human race think they have priority over everything and any animal etc that gets in the way is murdered. My there are a few people like that I would like to ‘get rid of’ any offers????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. So…let me get this straight…it is an offence to trap an owl and yet it is not an offence to set a cage trap which as everyone knows is indiscriminate in respect of which species it may catch.So there is every liklihood that it may trap a bird not on the ‘allowed’ list.
    Furthermore, as in this case, they are seldom used properly, ie. providing sustenance for the poor incarcerated creature, or regular checking !
    It is’nt rocket science to see that ALL traps should be completely banned.
    If the law was serious about stopping cruelty and suffering of our wildlife this would happen and fast. The perpetuity of this kind of anomoly in legislation shows, I regret that it certainly is not. Never was the saying ‘the law is an ass’ more appripriate………

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