Hunt saboteurs attacked by Coniston Fox hunt

A hunt saboteur was attacked by hunt supporters whilst monitoring the Coniston hunt yesterday (24th March). The hunt who were having their final meet of the season at their kennels near Ambleside had already illegally killed a fox before the attack occurred according to walkers who said they saw the kill.

Three saboteurs were set upon by a group of 15 hunt supporters armed with sticks. One of them was left with stick marks to his back and a serious eye injury as the attackers tried to throw him down a ravine. An ambulance was called to treat him but couldn’t reach him as it was deliberately held up by hunt supporters vehicles who hurled abuse at the paramedics. Police were called and are investigating the incident.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs association, stated: “We see the calibre of these people that not only do they illegally kill foxes and seriously harm anyone who tries to stop them, they will even stoop as low as hindering and abusing paramedics whose only concern is helping the injured. We strongly urge Cumbria Police to investigate this incident and bring the guilty parties to justice.”

4 Replies to “Hunt saboteurs attacked by Coniston Fox hunt”

  1. have been in touch with the ambulance service and no abuse was reported. i strongly suggest this is retracted or i will have no alternative but to contact the local and daily papers.

  2. why lie then. because you know 15 were not involved or that the ambulance crew were not abused just your usual spin on a chain of events that did’nt really happen. a picture tells a thousand stories

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