URGENT Lake District Goose Cull

Please, please, please try to come to the peaceful demo against the Windermere geese cull.

Meeting at 12 noon at Bowness (lake cruises area) on Saturday 10th March. Bring banners etc.

An announcement was made today which stated they are still going to cull regardless of public opinion and a petition of over 2600 signatures. They refuse to listen to experts and will go ahead with this cull. They need to be reminded that as a publicly funded body they should listen to the public not a few rich landowners.

Please spread the details of this demo to as many as possible.

Many thanks

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Some recent press articles against the cull are below:

Mirror 7.3.12 “Don’t reach for the gun”: Queen guitarist Brian May pleads for geese cull to be called off – A cull of Canada geese in the Lake District will go ahead despite opposition from animal rights activists. Queen guitarist Brian May has previously criticised the proposals to shoot 200 of the birds on Windermere…. (story)

Westmorland Gazette 7.3.12 Canada geese cull plan for Windermere to go ahead despite protests By Steven Bell , Reporter – CAMPAIGNERS’ hopes of forcing a U-turn on plans to shoot Canada geese on Windermere have been dashed after it was confirmed a cull will go ahead…. (story)

North West Evening Mail 7.3.12 ACTIVISTS PLEDGE TO BOYCOTT LAKES OVER BIRD CULL – ANIMAL welfare campaigners say they will boycott the Lake District after national park bosses pledged to go ahead with a controversial culling of Canada geese on Windermere… Kate Fowler, of Animal Aid, said: “Following its reaffirmation of this unpopular and unscientific decision, Animal Aid, working with other anti-cull groups and individuals, will today launch an official boycott of the Lake District.” Kathy Musker, of Respect for Wildlife said: ““The authority has not carried out non-lethal methods of control properly and, as such, could be leaving itself open to prosecution. This matter is far from over.”… (story)

Carlisle News & Star 7.3.12 CULL OF CANADA GEESE TO GO-AHEAD AT WINDERMERE – A cull of 200 Canada geese on Windermere will still go ahead, despite a review… (story)

BBC News Online 7.3.12 Windermere Canada geese cull to go ahead – A cull of 200 Canada geese is to go ahead in the Lake District, despite more than 2,500 people signing a petition against the move… (story)

4 Replies to “URGENT Lake District Goose Cull”

  1. I hope there is a good turn out for this, wish I could be there but I am house bound at the moment after an operation. These people are real scum not listening to people who care and know what they are talking about. All these bastard farmers complaining this is all some farmers seem to do, there is always some poor wild animal that they want to murder, but then farmers are actually murderers even if not directly they breed animals for slaughter so why should they care about the wild life

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