Canada geese cull set to go ahead

A cull of Canada geese in the Lake District is set to go ahead despite opposition from animal rights activists.

Queen guitarist Brian May has previously criticised the proposals to shoot 200 of the birds on Lake Windermere.

The Windermere Geese Management Group (WGMG), made up of representatives from conservation organisations, landowners and scientific bodies, came under fire after a cull was first investigated when the organisation looked at the damage being caused on Windermere and other lakes such as Coniston and Grasmere by the geese, which are a non-native species.

But the group has said it will go ahead with the cull as planned, depending on when the birds nest, usually any time between mid-March and mid-April, depending on the weather and local temperatures.

The group claims the birds damage shoreline habitats, displace native species, spoil farm grazing and crop land, pollute land with droppings and it is claimed there are public health concerns from pathogens, bacteria and parasites.

But May, whose organisation Save Me campaigns for better treatment of animals, has said the cull is not justified and humans should not “reach for the gun” each time there is a complaint about “inconvenience or a loss in income” relating to wildlife.

There are estimated to be around 1,200 Canada geese on Windermere.

A WGMG statement said: “Culling is part of an integrated management strategy that will reduce the number of geese on Windermere. Non-lethal control measures will continue to be used.

“We will carry out the cull professionally, quickly and humanely in partnership with the landowners.

“We will continue to monitor the effect of the management programme and review our approach regularly.”



3 Replies to “Canada geese cull set to go ahead”

  1. Shame on them – it is just wrong full stop …… reminds me of the Rudy Duck slaughter when they slaughtered 5 thousand ducks so they would not interbreed with a Spanish white duck !!!! One day the book will be written THINGS THE UK SHOULD HAVE NEVER ALLOWED TO HAPPEN, it will be massive !

  2. There’s still time to stop this…..found a number in a facebook string just now…. for everyone to call. It’s the Tourism Board and the chap to talk to (or leave a message for) is apparantly called Greg Steve…..Number 01539-825060. Hundreds have already called. Lets bombard them with more !!!

  3. Heard it on the news, What is needed is lots of people to get in the way so this cannot take place. I would be there myself but I have just had a hip replacement and at the moment am housebound. Will ring this Greg tomorrow thanks Jenny for that. To do this cull is just immoral and should not be happening these geese are doing no harm to anybody, Farmers moaning again, just when the hunting and shooting season has finished something else rears its ugly head I hope all the people who feed these geese and object to the cull will come out and show this scum what they think of them.

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