Masked protest at South Shropshire Hunt

Men wearing balaclavas and hooded tops gatecrashed an annual hunt in Shropshire, it was alleged today.

Officials from the South Shropshire Hunt said a minibus containing about a dozen people pulled up outside the Mytton and Mermaid pub in Atcham, near Shrewsbury, just before the start of its annual hunt.

Hunt master Otis Ferry said the men began shouting at the people who were due to take part in the event at about 10.45am on Saturday.

The hunt went ahead as planned on Saturday.

Mr Ferry said it was very unusual for hunts to be targeted and said he believed the protesters travelled from outside the county.

He said: “We left to start our day’s activities as planned but some of the followers were very concerned and notified the police.”

Inspector Emma Wright, of West Mercia Police, said: “We were called to an incident at the Mytton and Mermaid which involved anti-hunt protesters. One woman was arrested for a breach of the peace.”



One Reply to “Masked protest at South Shropshire Hunt”

  1. Otis Ferry is a PRAT, what the hell is he talking about saying it is unusual for hunts to be targeted?? Oh dear what a shame that some of the followers were concerned, does that not show you what a bunch of cowards these people are????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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