Crawley & Horsham Hunt trial date set

Note for your diary next month.

The date of the trial for the four members of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt has been set for April 23rd 2012 and is expected to last about 7 days. The case will be heard at Horsham Magistrates Court.

Andrew Phillis, former huntsman (who is now huntsman/master for the Dartvale and South Pool Harriers in Devon), joint masters of the hunt Henry James Hawkesfield and Neil Millard and Rachel Holdsworth, whipper-in are being prosecuted for illegally hunting for alleged offences that took place during three separate hunt meets.


2 Replies to “Crawley & Horsham Hunt trial date set”

  1. And what will his punishment be??? a fine no doubt which if he can’t afford will be paid for by the rest of the hunting scum. These evil bastards have all been illegally hunting all winter, pretending they are drag hunting when they are not, this stupid law re hunting needs changing for an outright BAN on all hunting and shooting then there will be no excuses anyone caught hunting or shooting will be breaking the law.

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