Just brilliant


Northern Hunt Saboteurs Stop Dig-Out Of A Fox
Monday, 12 December 2011

Here sabs are preventing an illegal dig-out of a fox which had been hunted into an earth by the hounds of the York & Ainsty South hunt. Sabs stood their ground – taking several punches from the terrier men in the process. The terrier men eventually backed down and left. They returned to the earth a further two times that day to try and resume the dig-out but sabs stopped them each time and stayed there till dark to ensure they couldn’t kill the fox. Five sabs were later arrested for “trespassing to disrupt a lawful activity” and had all their changes dropped the day the were due to appear in court recently!



4 Replies to “Just brilliant”

  1. VERY VERY WELL DONE TO THE BRAVE SABS. Unlike these evil hunt people who chase and murder innocent animals these people are COWARDS. Looking at the video I thought what thugs these people are they would no doubt be more suited to a war zone somewhere but saying that these people would be scared to death in that situation as they are COWARDS they would never be able to fight in a war. All this scum are capable of is chasing and murdering an animal that is small. Like to see them up against a lion without any guns.

  2. This didn’t happen on the Award Winning David Bellamy shooting Estate did it? Or was it on the SSSI Skipworth Common where the York and Ainsty South Hunt are allowed to ride and where members of the public walk with their children and small pets? Where foxes are dug out in full view of innocent people, who are too frightened to say anything because of the brutish looking thugs carrying spades. Thanks to the bravery of the young sabs who stood their ground against this shower of fat, bald, thuggish blood thirsty and cruel sub humans.

  3. It’s Skipwith Common, just off the A19 between York and Riccall (not Skipworth). And yes, the hunt do ride through the public areas, usually Tuesday and Saturdays. It’s best not to be in the woodland with small pets when this or any Hunt is out, just look at the poor 18 year old cat which was savaged to death by the Staintondale and Glaisdale Hounds up near Whitby, again in North Yorkshire. This happened last week and was reported in the Scarborough Evening News. Thought foxes had to be killed by gun nowadays according to the Hunting Act. What did this bunch intend to do with the fox they were digging for? Throw it to the hounds?

  4. Also, if this Estate has the David Bellamy Gold award for Conservation, then this incident should be reported to him, and also to the owner of the Estate, Charles Forbes Adam. Don’t think either will be best pleased. Bad publicity like this will be greatly frowned upon.

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