Badger Trust ‘very disappointed’ over cull decision

The Badger Trust has been advised by Caroline Spelman, Secretary of State for the Environment, that she has decided to proceed with the two pilot culls to determine the efficacy and humaneness of the free-shooting of badgers. Her statement was expected on 15th December but was made after Prime Minister’s Question Time today, Wednesday 14th December 2011. We have also been made aware that Guidance Notes will be issued to Natural England tomorrow.

David Williams, Chairman of the Badger Trust said: “We are clearly very disappointed by this decision but now that it has been made, we will be studying it with our legal advisors to determine what action we shall take.”

Badger Trust is the only charity dedicated to the conservation of badgers throughout England, Wales and all Ireland.



One Reply to “Badger Trust ‘very disappointed’ over cull decision”

  1. Yes this is very disappointing I was disgusted when I heard the news yesterday, but lets face it this is a Conservative Government that LOVE murdering animals. As this is not happening for a while there is time to get it stopped. Badgers are NOT responsible for TB in cattle, there is no proof what so ever that they are, all these bloody farmers that want this done should be shot themselves. I really do hope this cull on innocent Badgers does not go ahead.

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