New Hunt season – More violence against hunt saboteurs

Hunt Saboteurs Association
Press Release November 5th 2011

Members of the Hunt Saboteurs Association, from different groups in the South East, visited the meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Fox Hunt, taking place just outside Lingfield in East Sussex. Due to previous violence from this hunts Staff and supporters (who’s Huntsman has a conviction for assaulting a Hunt Saboteur in 1991) the police had been informed of the Hunt Saboteurs intentions, and were in attendance.

At around 3pm saboteurs were attempting to cross a narrow metal bridge on Environment Agency land when a supporter of the hunt took it on himself to block their passage. Other hunt supporters on foot were behind the group, and pushing forward against their backs. In the struggle the supporter pulled a female hunt saboteur over, knocking her head onto the concrete base, causing a deep bloody wound to the crown of her head.

Riders of the hunt, supported by the foot followers, proceeded to barge into the other hunt saboteurs in what seemed to be an attempt to cover up the actions of their supporter. Some saboteurs were then asked to ‘arraign it’ so that the incident was not reported to the police. It is suspected that the perpetrator has a gun licence he would be in danger of losing if convicted of violence. The incident was reported to the Police and the man was questioned. Formal statements and video evidence will be submitted to ensure a conviction.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association said: “This is just one more violent incident in the history of the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Fox Hunt, an organisation whose reason for existence is the infliction of violence. It seems that if they cannot persecute foxes then hunt saboteurs will do as second choice.”

Photographs are available on request.

Further information on Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Fox Hunt can be found at


2 Replies to “New Hunt season – More violence against hunt saboteurs”

  1. Were the sabotuers there to stop an illegal fox hunt? I was under the immpression that this practise was now banned? Can anyone clarify to me why the sabotuers were there?

    Kind regards

    Eddie Anderson

  2. Once again this shows what thugs these people are but what can one expect from murdering scum like this, What I want to know is whay are these cretins getting away with breaking the law so many times. Just recently the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt were seen causing havoc with a PACK of dogs, the law is that only two dogs can go hunting and any animal caught has to be shot immediately, but these bastards are breaking the law, it is time these people were taught a lesson and made to adhere to the law. In my opinion hunting shooting and fishing should be banned in any form at all.

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