Tory fringe meeting disrupted

A Fringe Event at the Conservative Party Conference was disrupted by a two hunt saboteurs.

The Reception was held by the National Farmers Union was held at the Palace Hotel In Manchester. Peter Kendall (director of the NFU) was on the panel as well as James Paice MP, Lord Taylor, Richard Benyon, and Mark Spencer.

Ten minutes into the speeches Peter Kendall started to praise DEFRA on helping them in achieving a badger cull stating how ‘necessary and scientifically based the cull was’

It was at this point a suited us hunt saboteur ran up and took centre stage, with a poster saying “STOP THE BADGER CULL,” and recited “shame on you Peter Kendall, the Badger cull is not based on science, its just another cruel bloodsport that does not help farmers”

At this Point the Protester was being dragged away whilst chanting “no more torture no more pain, Peter Kendall your to Blame!!” whilst being booed by the conference room full of Tory’s and farmers, some of which shouted for the activist to be shot and shouts of “off with his head”

No arrests were made


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