North Ledbury hunt apologises after hounds attack alpacas

A hunt in Herefordshire has apologised and promised to pay vet bills after its hounds attacked a herd of alpacas.

The animals were in a paddock in Suckley, Herefordshire, when they were attacked by the hounds at about 08:00 BST on Saturday.

Owner Rachel Simon said: “They cornered one who has the most severe injuries and he had three or four dogs just hanging off him.”

Valerie Allfrey from North Ledbury Hunt said they “regretted the incident”.

“The hunt are paying for any veterinary expenses which were required at the time,” she said.

Ms Simon said a vet spent two hours treating and stitching the animals’ injuries on the morning of the attack.

“One of the alpacas is limping and he’s got wounds that are weeping and swollen, so I am going to be calling the vet out again today,” she said.

Ms Simon said she now wants a reassurance that the hunt will not come on to her property again.

The hunt have already repaired fences that were damaged by their hounds.


2 Replies to “North Ledbury hunt apologises after hounds attack alpacas”

  1. Should have never been anywhere near the place in the first place – yet another example of hunts out of control. Glad they are taking care of the costs – but how do the heal the mental damage that has been done to the animals who will forever be living in fear and possibly pain depending on the kinds of wounds they had ? That kind of healing can’t come from anyone’s pocketbooks no matter how much they have – the emotional damage has been done 😦

  2. They’ve apologised and stated that they regret the incident, so everything’s ok then.? Arrogant smug pratts, still above the law then. The sop of paying medical expenses does not in my opinion excuse a gang of thugs marauding accross the countryside, causing havoc and pain and suffering in the name of a tradition.
    Calling something a tradition does not in itself justify its’ practice and never will. I may be a dreamer but I still hope for strengthening of the Hunting Act so there might be an end to these tally-ho twerps once and for all.

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