This is disgraceful

Man punished over leaflet row
Former Woodplumpton and Catforth parish councillor Barry Hill

19 September 2011

A former parish councillor who sent out anti game shooting leaflets has appeared in court.

Barry Hill, 52, who was a member of Woodplumpton and Catforth Parish Council at the time, posted offensive leaflets through the doors of two neighbours involved in the private weekly shoots at a Woodplumpton farm, near Preston.

He was given a police fine but refused to pay and the matter was taken to Preston Magistrates’ Court.

Hill, of Woodplumpton Road in the village, was given a six-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £200 costs.

John Troughton, 63, who takes part in the shoots, said he received an animal rights leaflet in March, giving Hill’s contact details for anyone interested in setting up an anti-shooting campaign. The matter was referred to Preston Council and Hill was asked to write a letter of apology which he refused to do.

A few weeks later, Mr Troughton and gamekeeper Ian Dobson received another note saying: ‘Game shooting for pleasure takes place in Woodplumpton’ and personal abuse directed to the shooters. Again, it gave Hill’s name as a contact.

Mr Troughton said: “Myself and about five other people are involved in shooting, it’s just a little family shoot. I spoke to a number of people and nobody else had had the leaflet. We’ve lived in the village for a good number of years and I think we’re thought well of really.”

Parish council clerk Julie Buttle said councillors “expressed disappointment” that Hill had used his councillor title when issuing the leaflets.

Hill, who was found guilty of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour and stood down at the May election, said he did not regret sending the leaflets and said he had previously been harassed by people from the shoot.


3 Replies to “This is disgraceful”

  1. People have every right to post protest leaflets re game shooting. These evil bastards that shoot these innocent birds are sick evil nasty cruel cretins and want putting down, they have no thought to people who lived near these shooting parties, I am the voice of experience as it goes on near me on a Friday through the shooting season. I have complained to my MP the council and the Police, all of these people were helpfull, the police gace me a card to phone if I have any trouble. Because these scum shooters are not breaking the law it is hard to stop them BUT complain about NOISE and you could get somewhere.

  2. I’d like to know exactly what this alleged ‘personal abuse’ was. I mean anyone can use this term to make trouble for someone they want shut up. Surely it is at the very least open to interpretation.
    I just love the mitigation of ‘its just a little family shoot’ as though this lessens the suffering in some way.
    Tragic that anyone objecting to this vile hobby gets his own name dragged through the mud in this way.

  3. Mr Troughton and Mr Dobson intitially complained about Barry delivering perfectly legal anti-shooting leaflets in the area even though they never received one. Because they complained he delivered a leaflet to each of them with a personalised note using specific adjectives telling them what he thought of them and their ‘hobby’ and ‘job’ of killing the local wildlife with traps, snares and gunshot, and breeding birds just to be shot for fun. They claimed to be ‘distressed’ by his personal opinion of them. He did not threaten them in any way or deliver the note to anyone else. I might add that I live in the area, which is not in the middle of nowhere and within a stone’s throw of dozens of homes and a school. The police and the magistrates clearly think a few words on a bit of paper is much worse than the violence, danger, distress, intimidation and noise we have to suffer regularly. The police and magistrates were aware that Barry has been harassed by these people for years. The shoot is not just 6 people. I counted 12 individuals in one minute last week and at least 20 cars. It feels dangerous and intimidating to use the public footpaths at all times not just on shoot days, since the gamekeeper and others take random shots at the wildlife most days and it is impossible to know which direction gunshot is coming from. Dead anmals are a regular sight. Apparently we have no right to feel safe from being shot, no right not to feel initmidated, no right to enjoy watching the wildlife, no right to object. British justice eh?

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