Crawley & Horsham hunt supporter convicted

Hunt supporter, Andrew Leaver, was convicted recently of the use of threatening words or behaviour to cause harassment or distress. He recieved a 12 months conditional discharge and had to pay costs of £85.

He is a foot follower with the Crawley and Horsham FH and on the 5th February, while the Croydon Hunt Sabs Land Rover was blocked in by hunt vehicles, he was filmed trying to punch through the side passenger window of their Land rover, apparently trying to reach the driver. This was filmed by other Hunt Saboteurs who he then proceeded to threaten. Initially denying the charges he pleaded guilty after being show the video evidence.

08 September 2011



In December 2007 Leaver received a formal police caution after taking photographs in a court building and putting one up on his website.

The man behind an extremist pro-hunt website has been exposed as Andrew William Leaver who according to the Countryside Alliance is ‘the MD and co-founder of Leaver Evans Ltd‘. Leaver was exposed after he received a formal police caution after taking photographs in a court building and putting one up on his website; taking photos or video “within the precincts of a court” is a serious offence and is arrestable without warrent. Leaver even registered his extremist website in the name of ‘Leaver Evans’.

Andrew Leaver - Leaver Evans Ltd

Leaver’s claims his website ‘has no association with any organisation, politcial party, club, hunt‘ however we can reveal Andrew Leaver has featured on the Countryside Alliance website as a fundraiser. Leaver is also a ‘hunt steward’ of the notorious Crawley and Horsham Hunt. In November 2006 Leaver was filmed digging what protestors claimed was a badger sett; the Surrey Badger Group later confirmed that it was an active badger sett.


According to the Countryside Alliance website Leaver Evans Ltd is one of the “world’s the leading providers of investment properties in the Far East”. However a quick check shows that Leaver Evans Limited has not yet filed any accounts at Companies House. It’s chequered history suggests it might not be as good as has been claimed. Even his company’s prestigious registered address, it can be obtained for £99.99 from a company formation agent, and its main telephone number goes direct to Andrew Leaver. In September 2007 a new company was registered Leaver International Limited but again now accounts are available.

His principle advertising thrust seems to be at the rather parochial Knepp Polo club, where he pushes the Leaver Evans Cup. Perhaps this explains why he will be up at before 6 in the morning offering his services to the Crawley and Horsham Hunt (which is practically the Knepp Polo Club in disguise).

Mr Leaver points out that many of his ‘friends’ are not very bright: ‘I think most of my friends in West Sussex think Kilimanjaro may be a nightclub just off the King’s Road’. No wonder he feels right at home.


Any similarity between Andrew Leaver and Mr Toad of Wind in the Willows is purely coincidental and we apologise to Mr Toad for any offence caused.

Thank you to for much of the information.

Posted: 1st December 2007


One Reply to “Crawley & Horsham hunt supporter convicted”

  1. Conditional discharge, £85 fine what CRAP. This once again shows what THUGS these evil bastards are that follow these hunts. I personally would like to put them all in a lime pit and fill it in.

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